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The Complex Materials Scattering (CMS) beamline at NSLS-II is a synchrotron instrument focused on x-ray scattering. It is located at 11-BM (bending magnet port) on the NSLS-II floor, and features a three-pole wiggler source. It can perform SAXS and WAXS experiments, focusing on high-throughput and 'intelligent' machine-guided exploration of parameter spaces.

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CHX can perform a variety of experiments:



  • Can perform experiments from 10 keV to 17 keV.
  • Energy resolution (double multilayers): 10−3


  • 0.003 Å−1 to 4.2 Å−1 (209 nm to 0.15 nm)


Ultimate resolution (detector pixel limited) is 0.0002 Å−1.

beam size (mm) beam divergence (mrad) pixel size (mm) pixel FW @ 5 m (mrad) pixel FW @ 5 m, 13.5 keV (Å−1) resolution, FWHM (Å−1)
0.200 0.10 0.172 0.03 0.00024 0.0007
0.100 0.05 0.172 0.03 0.00024 0.0002


At start of endstation (bim3 ionchamber):

  • 1.6 ×1012 ph/s/0.1%bw (1.5 × 0.1 mrad; diagnostic mesh in-place; 13.5 keV, 250 mA ring current)

Near sample position, full beam (no slits):

  • 1.3 ×1012 ph/s/0.1%bw (13.5 keV, 250 mA ring current)

Beam Size

  • Typical 50-100 µm
  • Focusing to 20 µm possible.


CMS has taken 'first light' and is currently undergoing technical commissioning. General User access is scheduled for summer 2017. Access will be possible through the NSLS-II proposal system, and through the CFN proposal system. Interested users should contact beamline staff.


  • Beamline phone number: 631-344-1911

Beamline Staff

Masa Fukuto (beamline lead)
  • email:
  • office phone: 631-344-5256
  • office location: Bldg. 744 (green LOB of NSLS-II), room 4L108
Masa Fukuto01.jpeg
Ruipeng Li (beamline staff)
  • email:
  • office phone: 631-344-????
  • office location: Bldg. 744 (green LOB of NSLS-II), room 4L140
Ruipeng Li01.jpg
Kevin Yager (partner user beamline staff)
  • email:
  • office phone: 631-344-7608
  • office location: Bldg. 735 (CFN), room 2018 (2nd floor, east side)
Kevin Yager01.jpg



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