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The Complex Materials Scattering (CMS, 11-BM at NSLS-II) beamline can support a wide range of sample environments. The sample chamber can be operated in ambient atmosphere (air), or under vacuum.


Capillary Holder

CMS has capillary holders that can hold 15 capillaries each. The holders are on universal (magnetic/kinematic) bases, allowing very rapid swapping between holders.

Cap holder.jpg

Heated Capillary Holder

An alternate bracket for the capillary holder allows heating of the samples. The holder can reach ~220C in vacuum, and at least 100C when operated in air.

Cap holder heated.jpg


A simple bar allows multiple (~10) thin film samples on substrates to be loaded at once. Each sample can be measured by translating the setup sideways. The bars are affixed to universal bases (magnetic/kinematic), allowing rapid switching of samples.

Sample GIbar.jpg

Heated GISAXS Bar

The heated GISAXS bar allows multiple samples to be heated together. The holder can reach ~250C in vacuum.


Specialized sample environments can be created on an ad-hoc basis. Please contact beamline staff to discuss this possibility well ahead of any beamtime. As an example, the motion positioning stages can be used as a crude tensile/stretching setup:


User Supplied

CMS can accommodate a wide range of user-supplied sample environments. For instance, users have brought specialized heated stages, tensile/stretching stages, and customized in-situ film deposition systems.