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Sample area01.png

Note that the on-axis camera (upstream), and nosecone (downstream) can be removed to make additional space inside the chamber.


Dimensions of available sample area:

  • Up to 4" along the beam
  • Up to 4" below the beam
  • Up to 8" above the beam
  • Up to 15" towards the front chamber door (outboard)
  • Up to 4" towards the back chamber door (inboard)

Screw-hole pattern on Huber (th/chi) stage surface

Sample area02.png
  • th is 'sth' in CMS ophyd environment

Screw-hole pattern on Newport GTS30V jack

This thread pattern is available if th/chi stage is removed.

Sample area03.png
  • vertical motion is 'smy' in CMS ophyd environment

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