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Chemical structure of P3HT.

Poly(3-hexylthiophene) (P3HT) is a polymer with chemical formula (C10H14S)n. It is a polythiophene with a short alkyl group on each repeat unit. It is noteworthy since it is a seminconducting polymer; it can conduct positive charges (holes). It is a common material for studies of organic electronics (e.g. FETs) and for organic photovoltaics (OPV).


P3HT typically organizes into a semi-crystalline state, with an idealized unit cell as shown below:

Cartoon of an idealized P3HT unit cell.
  • The lamellar stacking has a spacing of ~1.6 nm, giving rise to a peak (100) at q ~0.4 Å−1.
  • The aromatic (π-π) stacking has a spacing of ~0.39 nm, giving rise to a peak (010) at q ~1.6 Å−1.
  • The spacing along the ring direction is too disordered to give a well-defined 001 peak.

Refer to P3HT orientation for details about the organization of P3HT.


On flat substrates, P3HT typically organizes into an edge-on orientation, wherein the lamellar stacking direction is along the film normal (leading to the 100 peak being along qz), and the aromatic stacking then being in-plane (010 peak along qr).

P3ht-generic giwaxs02.png


  • Density: ~1.33 g/cm3
  • Neutron SLD: 0.817×10−6 Å−2
Material density (g/cm3) X-ray energy (keV) X-ray wavelength (Å) critical angle (°) qc−1) SLD (10−6Å−2)
P3HT 1.33 2.0 6.20 0.700 0.0248 12.20
4.0 3.10 0.352 0.0249 12.33
8.0 1.55 0.176 0.0249 12.29
12.0 1.03 0.117 0.0248 12.25
16.0 0.77 0.088 0.0248 12.24
24.0 0.52 0.058 0.0248 12.2

P3HT-atomic scatt factor.pngP3HT-n.png

P3HT-crit.pngP3HT-crit zoom.png



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